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BaslerCo Inc has a wide variety of promotional ideas for your next marketing campaign. Promo pens with Post-it Flags will surely leave a lasting impression. Customized pens and highlighters with your company's logo and contact info are effective promotional products because they are something that your customers will use every day. These imprinted promotional pens make unique gifts for trade show handouts and sales call leave behinds. Our promo pens and highlighters come with Post it Flags inside the barrel for easy dispensing.

BaslerCo Inc is one of the nation’s leading distributors of custom printed Post-it® Products. We offer our Post-it Note pads in a wide variety of standard sizes. If you do not see the size you are looking for, just give us a call. We also offer the option for custom sizes. Customized sticky notes are a great way to market your brand and promote your business. Finding the right promotional products can be tricky. You want something that is both unique and cost effective, but also useful to your current and potential customers. Personalized post it notes are sure to be used on a daily basis, rather than being tossed out or stuck in a drawer after the first use. Not only that, but nearly every target market out there can find a use for your custom sticky notes. Some of our customers have even found it to be advantageous to stick a customized post it pad in every box they ship out.  We also have over 100 different standard shapes for our die cut Post-it Notes, but if you don’t see one you like, again, give us a call. We offer custom shapes as well.

Here at BaslerCo Inc, we make b2b marketing as easy as we can, with our extensive product line and customizable options. We do our very best to make our promotional items fit your small business marketing needs. If you are looking for unique tradeshow giveaways, our Post-it Flags and flag dispensers will not disappoint. Anyone can find a use for Post it Flags. They are great for filing, tabbing, highlighting or marking pages as well as a variety of other uses. You can even get a “two-for” with our Post-it Flag Pens and Highlighters. Personalized pens and highlighters are both a writing instrument as well as a flag dispenser.

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