Low Quantity Copy Change

Printed Post-it Notes
 Custom Printed Notes

As Few As 50 Post-it® Note Pads Per Copy Change!

Make it work for you!

Set-up a simple copy change, as shown here in the example, or create a full redesign for each copy change.

Post-it Notes with Copy Change
Full Color Post it NotesProcess Color Post it Notes

The 4-color process logo is the same (art and location) on all note pads in order.

Copy change the photo and personal contact information every 50 note pads- or in any increment of 50.

There is a 250 pad minimum order with copy changes in as low as 50 pads per copy change. 

Great for:

  • Promoting multiple products and services
  • Advertising multiple promotions and offers
  • Communicating in multiple languages
  • Showing multiple branches and departments
  • Introducing multiple reps and employees
  • Gifts to multiple customers and associates

Receive total quantity pricing on copy changes as few as 50 note pads per copy. Add $20.00 per copy change. Total quantity minimum is 500. Value priced program only.

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