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Data Protection Sleeves

Data Protection Sleeves
Data Protection Sleeves prevent the theft of identies and personal informaiton by blocking the radio frequency from the RFID chips in credit cards and passports as well as educational and professional ID's. Data protection sleeves make fantastic promotional products because once you hand them out, people will keep them, use them, and take them wherever they go!
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These days, identity theft is an ever increasing problem. The 3M Data Protection Sleeve is a protective sleeve that prevents anyone from reading private information stored on your Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and passports. Credit Cards, Student ID's, Employee ID's, any smartcard with a RFID chip.
Showing: 2 products

Custom Post-it Notes from BaslerCo Inc make great promotional products for brand marketing as well as promoting new products or services. Advertising products such as custom sticky notes or personalized sticky notes (or custom post-it pads or custom post-it cubes) allow companies to personalize messages at trade shows or other events, and include contact information and logos for the customer's reference. Personalized Post-it Notes are great promotional tools and trade show giveaways! We also have over 100 different standard shapes for our Die Cut Post-it Notes, but if you don't see one you like, again, give us a call. We offer custom shapes as well.

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